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Do you have to be trained to sing with vibrato??

Don%26#039;t know why you would train to sing with vibrato. Vibrato is a sign of no training at all.Almost as bad as Thru your nose singing. A nasal twang works for country however vibrato works with nothing.
Do you have to be trained to sing with vibrato??
No its a way to sing sort of like trilling on a instrument.Just do it.
Do you have to be trained to sing with vibrato??
Not necessarily, but training will help your technique to ensure that you%26#039;re not straining anything. It will also help you build power.

Don%26#039;t listen to Daisy. Vibrato is not a sign of no training. Do opera singers at the Met sing with untrained voices? I think not...

Having vibrato is a good tool. It%26#039;s not appropriate in all singing, but when you have solid control of it and can make artistic decisions about %26quot;how much vibrato%26quot; it will really enhance your singing.

What do you call a group of ballerina dancers?

A flock.
What do you call a group of ballerina dancers?
Balle dance team?
What do you call a group of ballerina dancers?
A troupe.

Reply:retarted LOSERS
Reply:A troupe
Reply:troupe (correct spelling)/troop (ive seen it written this way)
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Reply:Corps de ballet

meaning the group of ballet dancers who are not soloist.
Reply:Corps de ballet is french for body of ballet. Just say a group of ballet dancers or dancing ballerinas. good luck!
Reply:Dance groups in general are called troupes. It%26#039;s not ballet specific, but will work.
Reply:a company would be like the New York City Ballet. but the actual dancers are called a troupe. :)

Hope I helped!
Reply:a company?

Does anyone know a good song for me to sing?

I am 12 and can go resonably high, does anyone know a song that would be good for my voice?(I am quite good at low notes too).
Does anyone know a good song for me to sing?
It depends, I%26#039;m twelve also, and a girl, and i enjoy singing songs by the Naked Brothers Band, because thier songs go easy on your voice. I hope you do great! I like singing thier songs, %26quot;I%26#039;ll Do Anything%26quot;, and %26quot;I%26#039;ve got a question%26quot;.
Does anyone know a good song for me to sing?
White Christmas by Bing Crosby.
Reply:The American anthem but add a little twist to it, make the low notes deeper and the high ones higher.
Reply:Hey! I know what your up against. You need to do either a beuatiful ut easy song or a watered down verison of a hard and beuatiful song.

unbreak my heart- Toni Braxton

love- musiq soulchild

weak- swv

rain- swv

god bless the usa- ???????

I need help with the guitar.?

I have a Classical or just plain Classic Acoustic guitar and I don%26#039;t know how to play it all that well. I can kinda play the very very easy songs but when I get into the harder songs It gets really really confusing. What should I know how to play before I get into guitar lessons.
I need help with the guitar.?
before you get into lessons? you don%26#039;t really need to know anything before taking lessons. lessons are supposed to teach you haha.

however, if you want to know a little before these lessons so you don%26#039;t feel clueless, learn some chords. grab a chord book or poster or find one on the internet. figure out a few chords (2 or 3), one by one and then slowly try and play them together once you know each chord pretty well.

once you can do that, try adding a few more chords, again, one at a time.

if you also look up a little bit of music theory on google, that can also help you understand the music. however, it can get confusing pretty fast and lessons will really help with that.

here%26#039;s an example of a chord chart:
I need help with the guitar.?
Lessons teach you dude.

I went into guitar lessons cold...

What are some easy, but fun, guitar tabs for the acoustic guitar?

I%26#039;m a beginner at the guitar, but I know how to read tabs. Do you know any easy tabs I can play on the acoustic guitar?

What are some easy, but fun, guitar tabs for the acoustic guitar?
Well, I guess some default easy guitar tabs are Oasis - Wonderwall, and Our Lady Peace - Superman%26#039;s Dead. I usually go to This site has every tab you could want.
What are some easy, but fun, guitar tabs for the acoustic guitar?
Hey There!

Well to begin with you want to be learning to play small riffs, or the basic chords to a song so you can play along with it.

For example when I began playing I learnt to read tab and then searched all the basic guitar chords (A,B,C,D,E,F,G %26amp; Am,Bm,Cm,Dm,Em,Fm,Gm) %26quot;m means minor%26quot;. Once I had learnt these I began playing small songs such as the %26quot;james bond%26quot; riff.. Or something like (Smoke on the water - deep purple)

All of these tabs can be easily found on the following websites:

PS you may also want to watch some video lessons on

Hope this helps yah!

Reply:Hey There Delilah-Plain White t%26#039;s pretty easy lady getter too.

Island in the sun-Weezer

checkout some sublime to

might be able to get some of those down

dont think sateria is that hard

How much could my band get payed?

we are going on tour in july for about 2 months (maneger said 1 and a half)but w.e.

we just started, this is our first it possible to get about $36,000 by the end of the tour?(the band will split the money three ways)
How much could my band get payed?
I guess it depends on where you%26#039;re booked and what you get paid, but my experience is you%26#039;ll be lucky to make less than half of that.
How much could my band get payed?
Depends on how many shows you%26#039;re playing in that 2 months. $36,000 for 1 1/2 months? Thats making $6,000 a week? Maybe, depends on how much whoever is in charge of your booking set your fee.

If you%26#039;re not in the loop of how much each venue is paying you, then only your manager will know. Cos at the end of the day, the venue pays your booking agent or manager, and after taking their cuts, the rest goes to you guys. Oh ya, and your tour costs might cut that amount too, if it%26#039;s not already covered (i.e. accommodations, travel expenses, etc)

Maybe it%26#039;s good to ask your manager about these things too. I don%26#039;t know what your professional relationship is with your manager, or if you%26#039;re comfortable talking dollars and cents with him/her.

But don%26#039;t be left out of the loop on the finance side of things. Make sure you know at least what%26#039;s happening, what you%26#039;re entitled to, what portion of income generated by the tour should you keep (booking fee, % of merch sales etc) etc.

Don%26#039;t be taken for a ride and the tour manager and booking agents takes more % than they should. It%26#039;s your band!

Hope this helps! And good luck with the tour!

Touring is probably one of the highlights of being in a band.

I Just bought a acoustic guitar,do you need learn to read sheet music to play guitar?

I bought a Montana acoustic guitar because I want to learn to play the guitar. I just listen to music and do not know anything about music notes or anything. I have beginner books that teach you about music notes, staffs and all of that but do you have to learn that to be able to play guitar or just read guitar notes. As a person with no music kno how sheet music is hard to understand but guitar notes are really easy to understand. Would I benefit in the future from learning to read sheet music? Are can i just ignore that and move on and it would be fine?

Another question is how long would it take me to be able to play guitar given that I practice 20mins a day every day ?
I Just bought a acoustic guitar,do you need learn to read sheet music to play guitar?
I did the same thing. don%26#039;t worry, you will enjoy trying to learn how to play but you will never learn unless you have thousands of dollars to invest in real lessons.

that guitar will soon be dusting up in the corner.
I Just bought a acoustic guitar,do you need learn to read sheet music to play guitar?
absolutely not, there are plenty of people who can play who can%26#039;t read music.

Can it help you in the future? Of course it can.

Steve Martin said he learned banjo by watching a tape and imitating the fingering
Reply:There are many players who do not read music, and simply %26quot;play by ear%26quot;. If you have enough musical talent that you can play a song after hearing it without sheet music, then you don%26#039;t have to. If not, I would definitely recommend learning how to.
Reply:You don%26#039;t NEED to learn sheet music but it would help.

You can just do the tab and be fine.

Reply:There are plenty of great guitar players that can not read sheet music. So is the skill to be able to read sheet music necesarry? No. But would that skill be beneficial. Of course it would be. Being able to read sheet music only further widens your possiblities and potential as a guitar player. I think that guitar tabs are a perfectly acceptable version of guitar music, and i read them. I do also read guitar sheet music. Being able to read and understand sheet music and musical notes will better help you understand the chords. If you ignore sheet music, you can still be a fine guitar player, but i recomend learning it. It is a lot easier to learn it if you have guitar lessons, or a friend who knows how to read sheet music and plays guitar.

Given how much you practice, you could probably become a good guitar player in a few months. I have only been playing guitar for 6 months and I do know plenty of songs. I practice as much or maybe more than you, just not for a set time. Some days i practice for 10 minutes, some I get on a roll learning a song and practice for 2 hours. And some days I don%26#039;t practice at all. I%26#039;m on more of a relaxed schedual of learning guitar. As your skill level begins to increase, and it will if you continue practicing, you will play more most likely. Just keep practicing and you will learn to play guitar well.
Reply:you definitely could benefit from reading sheet music. i learned how to read sheet music on the piano and now i play guitar.

that being said, i don%26#039;t often use sheet music for guitar. i can read it, i know what the notes are, i know what the notes on my guitar are, but I cannot pick up a piece of sheet music and play it very well right away. i can look at sheet music and play it on the piano fairly quickly, but without my sense of %26quot;middle C%26quot; on a piano, it doesn%26#039;t do a whole lot for me with guitar.

so no, you don%26#039;t need to know how to read sheet music to play guitar at all.

beginner books are great. also look into finding a chord book and maybe some music theory books.

20 minutes a day isn%26#039;t all that much. i mean i guess it depends on what you%26#039;re practicing over those 20 minutes. when i practice, i play songs, so 20 minutes goes by in no time. however, just getting to know the basics, you should have a decent understanding in a couple weeks.

what i did to start (self taught) was to take a chord book, pick 3 chords (i choose A,E, D but you can choose whatever) and play each one by itself. get used to the fingering and strum away. once you think you%26#039;ve got each of them down, trying strumming and switching between those 3 chords. i then found a song that had those 3 chords and then tried to play along. it took me about a week and a bit practicing an hour a day to get really good at those 3 chords.

once you%26#039;ve got them down, trying adding a chord a day or something. eventually, you should have a good grasp of the chords and will be able to chord your way along almost any song.

the best thing to do is just enjoy it. try not to get too frustrated and be patient. it takes a while, but it feels great when you can play. 4 years later for me and i absolutely love it.


also, here%26#039;s a chord chart like the one i used when i first started:
Reply:sheet music isnt necessary but u do need to know how to read tab if u want to be more efficient... well depending on how well you comprehend stuff depends on how long it would take to learn guitar... i am a 17 yr old and i just started playing guitar this past september im not that good but i know my basic stuff... most songs use the basic chords like A,G,D,E,C they are very simple and can help you even write your own music. sheet music isnt necessary TAB music is more efficient because it will give you the string and what fret to play on it... it might be a good thing to learn the names of the strings because that way you will be able to just follow along with the tab sheet music... there are multiple places where you can get tab music... i use but it depends u can also just google it... even thought you dont have any musical experience doesnt mean that you cant learn something new you just gotta keep up with it and not give up....

good luck
Reply:No way!! Playing the guitar is about enjoyment. You dont HAVE to be able to read music to enjoy the guitar. Look at Slash. He couldnt read music but he%26#039;s not that badder guitarist ;)